Digital marketing is a fast-moving and exciting industry. Digital marketers are well aware of the many tools, platforms, and apps that exist to assist with digital marketing. While they may save time, it can also be confusing to discover and test all the options, especially in an industry that is constantly changing and with many new trends.

Top Digital Marketing Tools

We have gathered some of our old favorites, as well as some new tools that you should be looking at and adding to your digital marketing toolkit for 2022.

  1. Social Media Marketing Tools
  2. Marketing tools for Influencers
  3. Email Marketing/Marketing Automation Software
  4. SEO (Search Engine Optimization Tools)
  5. Paid Search and Social Tools
  6. Data & Analytics Tools
  7. Digital Strategy Tools
  8. Marketing Management Tools
  9. UX and Design Tools
  10. Video Marketing Tools
  11. Content Management Tools
  12. Social Selling Tools

1. Social Media Marketing Tools

Social media marketing is supported by many tools and apps, including content discovery, scheduling, management, and management. Social media marketing is now an essential part of every business and brand. It is crucial to develop a social media strategy that increases brand awareness and maximizes ROI.


SkedSocial, an all-in-one Instagram tool, allows you to plan posts, visualize, and plan your Instagram feed while also publishing to Instagram and Facebook. SkedSocial allows you to schedule Instagram Stories and Carousels automatically. Everybody who manages social media accounts knows how frustrating it can be to log in at night or on weekends to post stories. SkedSocial takes care of this automatically, so there are no reminders or notifications!

SkedSocial is a great tool for Instagram-first digital marketers. is another content management platform making waves in 2022. Brandwatch and SkedSocial recently teamed up to launch a social listening platform that uses digital consumer intelligence.

This Twitter hashtag tracking tool will help you find the most effective hashtags to reach your audience. It also provides you with custom suggestions. It allows marketers to track the performance of branded #hashtags and identify Twitter influencers.

Meet Edgar

MeetEdgar is more than a social calendar tool. It allows you to share and reuse previous posts. MeetEdgar automatically pulls posts from your content library, so that your social media stays fresh every day. You can create a library with evergreen updates so that your social media is always active. These plans are for freelancers or small businesses that can benefit from automating repetitive tasks.


Hootsuite allows you to manage your content on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram from a single dashboard. Social media marketers can use the platform to schedule content, monitor brand mentions and create visually rich reports.

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BuzzSumo is a platform that allows you to discover which content is most popular by topic. This is the ideal tool for content marketers. It allows you to find new keywords and trending topics. You can search for keywords and trending topics to find shareable content ideas that you can offer your audience. You can also easily search for influencers in your field to connect and follow.

2. Marketing tools for Influencers

As influencer marketing becomes more accessible to every business and organization, there are many tools available that can help you reach out to influencers and source them. Our guide will help you create an influencer marketing strategy if your goal is to connect with influential people.

Strawberry Socials & Melody Socials

These tag-team-tools make it easy to find creators and influencers via Instagram and TikTok. You can search using multiple criteria, including hashtags and place. This makes it easier to find micro-to-macro influencers quickly and powerfully. It’s particularly useful for niches or locations that are specific. It works by filtering potential influencers. You can then sort through them to find the best fit. You can then download their information in a detailed spreadsheet, which includes their bios, follower counts and contact information.


This software automates the influencer outreach process and leads generation. It is perfect for sourcing YouTube and Instagram influencers. It filters through millions upon millions of influencers in order to help you choose the one that will grab your audience’s interest. You can also track conversations, clicks and replies.


Upfluence, a tool for managing influencers, offers affiliate management and performance-tracking functions. Upfluence offers a Chrome plugin for free that allows you analyze the profile of an influencer right from your browser. It is compatible with Instagram and Facebook as well as YouTube and Pinterest. This plugin allows marketers to view the performance of influencer posts over the past 60-days on any platform.

3. Email Marketing/Marketing Automation Software

Many platforms and tools are available to help you plan and execute your email marketing campaigns. This guide will help you to find the best email marketing automation tools.

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is a web application that lets you capture data, manage it, then send HTML e-newsletters. You can also use automated email journeys and a Link Review tool to automatically search your emails and flag any broken or obsolete hyperlinks that you should be aware of.


MailChimp is the classic, all-in-one email, marketing, and automation platform. It allows you to manage and create custom email templates, nurture, and automate all your marketing campaigns.


HubSpot is a prominent tool that focuses on inbound marketing. It also helps you to build a solid content strategy. This tool is great for helping with content curation and optimization, as well social scheduling and email automation.

4. SEO (Search Engine Optimization Tools)

SEO is essential for making your website stand out in the new trends. This article will explain everything you need about SEO and the reasons it is so important.


SEMrush can be used to research keywords and compile online ranking data. This includes metrics like search volume and cost-per-click. SEMrush also gathers data from Google and Bing search engines about online keywords. The platform specializes in keyword research, competitor analysis, and Google Ad Campaign Optimization. It allows you to increase online visibility and uncover marketing insights.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog, an advanced SEO site audit tool, can be used to crawl small and large websites. This tool can help you improve your onsite SEO by extracting data and checking for potential SEO problems. Our Screaming Frog walkthrough will show you how to dig into your website.


Ahrefs can be used to identify weak points on your website, search backlinks, find keyword rankings, and assess SEO health. Ahrefs can also be used to do keyword research for Google and YouTube. It will help you find the best content on a topic in terms of social shares or links. Take a look at our video tour of Ahrefs.


Moz is an online data management and SEO software that assists businesses in increasing traffic, ranking and visibility in search results. Moz provides full-service SEO solutions, including site crawling and keyword recommendations.

5. Paid Search and Social Tools

If you want to keep your campaigns strong and communicating multiple messages, managing paid advertising across search engines is a difficult task. Explore search engine advertising through our creative methods of using paid search. Plan your campaigns with the Pay-Per-Click campaign Toolkit.

Google Ads Editor

Google Ads Editor allows you to manage your Google Ads campaigns for free. You can make offline changes and upload them to the platform. This tool is particularly useful for Google Ads accounts that have multiple campaigns or long lists of keywords and ads. You can use bulk editing to make multiple changes quickly. (Check out our Google Ads Creation Template to learn how to prepare and implement Google Ads for search market campaigns).

Bing Advertisements Editor

The Bing Ads editor allows you to search for new keywords and bids and to make edits using a desktop app to simplify PPC campaign management. This tool allows advertisers to create campaigns and make large changes to campaigns before they go live.


AdZooma supports digital marketers by offering intuitive tools for managing and optimizing Google, Facebook and Microsoft Ads. The platform also allows for automated manual tasks that are repetitive to be performed using rule-based automation.


WordStream is a PPC advertising platform that provides both campaign management services and a marketing tool that allows businesses to save time managing high-performance PPC accounts. You can also find useful and free resources on digital advertising at their website.


AdEspresso, an advertising tool, focuses on Facebook Ads. It allows you to create multiple campaigns, split test, and gain valuable insights into your audience. Walkthrough of Facebook Ads.


Revealbot is a digital ads automation tool that scales and automates ad strategies for Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads. It also supports Google Ads and Snapchat Ads. Marketers can create multiple ad variants at scale and have them auto-managed. They also get cross-platform reports. This allows you to automatically boost your top posts on Facebook and create social media ads with multiple variations using automated A/B or multivariate testing.

6. Data & Analytics Tools

Data and Analytics are undergoing major changes. First-party data is now more important than ever.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics, a web analytics tool offered by Google, tracks and reports website traffic. This allows you to identify patterns and trends in visitors’ engagement with your website. The available features allow data collection, analysis and monitoring, visualization, reporting and integration with other apps. The interface known as Universal Analytics will be replaced by Google Analytics 4 in 2022. Check out our guide to GA4 for marketers using Universal Analytics.


Kissmetrics, a person-based analytics platform, tracks individual visitors to your website. This allows you to see the entire user journey of each customer and tie any action on your website to that person, even if they use multiple browsers and devices. This allows digital marketers increase conversion rates and pinpoint roadblocks in the user journey.


Whatagraph lets you track all of your channels’ performance in one marketing analytics tool. It tracks social analytics data and creates visually engaging reports that can easily be shared.

Data boards

DataBoards provides a full-service analysis, development and consulting service. It transforms raw data from various softwares, spreadsheets and databases into valuable insights that help marketers make faster, more informed decisions.

Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio, a free tool, allows marketers to create dashboards that provide a view of their marketing performance. Users can easily create professional reports with a variety of templates using an intuitive drag-and drop set of tools.

7. Digital Strategy Tools

A successful digital marketing strategy is the core of any organization. There are tools that help you plan and analyze your strategy.


Miro, an online whiteboard tool, allows you to collaborate, plan projects, and visualize. There are many templates that can be used for presentations and visualization. This tool is great for digital marketing teams, helping them to develop marketing strategies, map campaigns, and plan launches. It brings together team members to brainstorm, plan, and then co-create.

Connect Mor

This platform allows you to benchmark your competitors and make predictions about the future success of your campaigns. You can search for the top performing posts of your competitors and get insights to help you plan your content.

8. Marketing Management Tools

Digital marketing campaigns require collaboration, project management and patience. Tools that facilitate communication, collaboration, and task assignment can be helpful.


Teamwork, a project management tool, can be used to help digital marketing teams improve collaboration, execute marketing strategies, and increase team efficiency. The platform allows you to plan, manage and track all of your marketing tasks from one location. A central project management platform is ideal for marketing teams that need to work together to execute campaigns by a deadline. It also provides full project visualization for all members.


Asana is a platform that helps teams manage, organize, track and manage their work. Asana allows teams to track project progress and individual tasks. You can also visualize the progress of projects.


Trello, a web-based list-making tool, allows teams to plan and organize work together. Users can organize their tasks in columns according to status such as Done, In Progress and To Do.


Slack has made it easy to communicate in business. Slack is the most popular messaging platform. It allows for communication via channels (group chats) and direct message (person to person chat). Learn more about how Slack revolutionized digital communication.

9. UX and Design Tools

This section covers the creation of graphics content and tools that help you understand how visitors interact with your site.


Canva is an easy-to-use graphic design platform that allows you to create visual content such as social media graphics, posters, documents, and presentations. You can use the app to create a variety of templates that you can adapt or download, and also access a collection of graphics elements and photography content. Our Canva walkthrough will show you how to use certain Canva features.


Hotjar is a powerful heat mapping and behavior analytics tool that helps you monitor and improve the user experience on your site.


This intuitive visualization tool allows you to create engaging infographics or reports. It includes a variety of templates and allows you to add your logo, colors, fonts, fonts, etc. This tool allows you to convert data into infographics which can be shared, embedded, or published.

Microsoft Clarity

Clarity, a free tool for user behavior analytics, helps you understand how users interact with your site through heat maps and session replays. This tool helps marketers understand how users interact with their website and focuses on user experience.

Google Optimize

Optimize lets you run website experiments and compare different web pages to see how they perform against specific objectives. Marketers can improve visitor conversion rates by continually testing different types of website content.

10. Video Marketing Tools

Videos are powerful tools for promotion. With the rise in social media videos that are self-shot, tools that enable marketers to create videos without having to hire a professional are becoming increasingly important.


You can combine photos, videos clips and music with this video creator software to create high-quality videos. Drag and drop and easy-to-use templates make it simple to create videos and to change colors, fonts, and transitions. You can also add a licensed song to your Animoto music library for a final touch.


CapCut, a mobile video editor app for free, gives you advanced editing capabilities that compliment the visual language and editing tools of TikTok. It is easy to use and has many great features for creating social videos.

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