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The top digital marketing training center in Delhi, Digital Marketing Institute Delhi (DMID), offers digital marketing courses to all students in New Delhi, India. This Online Marketing Institute in Delhi will guide you to the many opportunities available. This course will help you to get enough knowledge & skills to make your carrier as a digital marketer.

digital marketing institute in Delhi


EVERY student, worker, professional, and entrepreneur

We provide digital marketing training in New Delhi, India. This course will give students a deep understanding of digital marketing principles as well as how to use them to drive business growth. You can customize course modules according to your requirement you can do a full course or just a particular module for your requirement. Additionally, students have the option of taking the course in modules. This allows them to work at their own pace and can take it as a part-time or full-time course. There are many opportunities and high salaries in this field, so it is a great time to enroll in a digital marketing program. It is becoming a requirement for businesses to have a strong online presence. They will need the assistance of digital marketing companies to do this. If you do a digital marketing course then you have many carrier options to explore. DMID offers a Digital Marketing Course in Delhi if you live in Delhi. This certification program can make you a digital marketer who is proficient in all areas of digital marketing, including search engine optimization, conversion optimization, and pay-per-click. You will learn advanced tools in our digital marketing course in Delhi & will work on live projects. The cost of our internet marketing course in Delhi depends on which module you will choose. Digital marketing refers to the promotion of products or services through digital channels like search engines, social media, and email. Digital marketers are always involved in brand awareness, lead generation, and other online activities that help businesses make more profit. A company that uses digital marketing to market its products or services directly will see at least 20% of its direct revenues.  The option to do a digital marketing course in Delhi is fantastic for you. In-depth information on each digital marketing module will be provided by the Delhi digital marketing course. This course includes both real-world projects and virtual simulations that will give you domain experience. To prepare you to get a job we will teach you 30 modules of digital marketing. 

Digital Marketing Course For Owners of Business

DMID is the best digital marketing course in Delhi available for entrepreneurs or business owners. This digital marketing program is made to make you familiar with all types of digital marketing. We help you to maximize digital marketing practices. You will also be able to manage your own digital business with this knowledge. Digital marketing has the ability to grow your business to a high position. With our digital marketing course, Delhi small businesses can compete with a large brands. This is something that is impossible with traditional marketing methods. After finishing the South Delhi Digital Marketing Course, you will receive a DMID digital marketing certificate. This certifies your ability to manage digital marketing efforts within your company.

DMID is the Top Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi

If you are living in Delhi you may be sawed many Digital Marketing Institutes in Delhi. According to estimates, the demand for digital marketing professionals will reach 20 lakhs. Digital Marketing Institute Delhi (DMID), a renowned institute in digital marketing, is a great choice. DMID offers an excellent Online Marketing course in Delhi, India. These courses are only for professionals. You can continue your career and learn simultaneously. These courses are taught and supervised by industry leaders in Digital Marketing. Students also receive placement assistance in top companies in the country through regular communication and one-on-1 communication with mentors. The most sought-after professionals in digital advertising, content management, and content creation and curation, are those who have the best skills. This is the perfect time to take a Digital Marketing Course in Delhi. Every Digital Marketing Course in Delhi differs. Each module consists of case studies, theory, industrial assignments, and theory. As we all know, Delhi is becoming one of the most important centers for digital business in India. Many digital marketing institutes have opened in Delhi’s sub urban areas, Gurgaon, and Noida. These companies are seeking experts in particular areas of digital marketing. It is high time these aspirants joined a quality institute such as DMID to share their digital marketing skills. You may learn all facets of digital marketing with the South Delhi Digital Marketing Courses. You may better grasp the finest digital marketing methods for your company by taking a DMID course. They also cover social media platforms that can enhance your brand image.

Our Digital Marketing Course Content

digital marketing institute in Delhi

Digital Marketing

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Every company needs digital marketing specialists who are able to use all digital channels, including email, social media and SEO to grow their business and connect with potential customers. Digital marketing training is a viable career option for anyone in any industry. There are 16 modules. You can get the best digital marketing training available in South Delhi. DMID – Digital Marketing Institute of Delhi.
digital marketing institute in Delhi

Website Planning

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The first module of the web design course is web planning. It will help you to plan for various aspects of web design, such as determining goals, defining your target audience, SEO, and planning for content. Website planning is very necessary for any company’s marketing efforts.  DMID – Digital Marketing Institute of Delhi.
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Website Creation

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The website design course includes web creation. The web designing course is for professionals who want to grow their skill in web design. This course teaches you how to design responsive web pages and provides an introduction to the process of planning and designing them. This course also covers how to implement web pages using HTML code and how to enhance web pages with the latest technology. DMID – Digital Marketing Institute Delhi.
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Content Writing

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The most important module of internet marketing training is content writing. You will not be able to generate sales and get customers to respond if you don’t have the right training to create effective content for your campaigns or website. Learn the best digital marketing courses in Delhi. DMID – Digital Marketing Institute of Delhi.
digital marketing institute in Delhi

Search Engine Optimization

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it is a practice to work on a webpage for search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing.  Working on the SEO of a webpage will rank your webpages on top of search results On your desired keyword keep in mind SEO of a webpage depends on more than 200 ranking factors. SEO covers both on-page as well as off-page SEO. in this course we will teach you Meta tags optimization, and the use of internal links vs. external links. DMID – Digital Marketing Institute Delhi.
digital marketing institute in Delhi

Local SEO

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Local SEO is a form of digital marketing that optimizes the content, products, and services you offer in order to make them more visible online. Local businesses and entrepreneurs can use this option to increase their online presence. It’s affordable. Learn the best digital marketing courses in Delhi.
digital marketing institute in Delhi

Google Webmaster

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Google webmaster tool training teaches you how to manage your website and pages in search engines. It allows you to check indexing status, crawl error vs crawl stats, about 404 pages, and rich snippets and schema. It boosts the visibility of a website. 
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Social Media Optimization

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This marketing training will know you how to improve the visibility of your business on various digital marketing platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, ETC. The best digital marketing training available in South Delhi.
digital marketing institute in Delhi

Google Analytics

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Google Analytics tool helps you gain a deeper understanding of your customers and provide insights to help you achieve better results. This tool is both a data-driven and result-driven tool that will optimize your market and increase revenue growth. You will learn how to strategically use data and numbers. Take advantage of Delhi’s top digital marketing training
digital marketing institute in Delhi

Search Engine Marketing

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You will learn how to use Google Adwords to place ads on Google in the search engine marketing course. Google Adwords allows you to create result-driven, effective ads in many formats such as search, display, and mobile. The Google Adwords bid process and ad quality are the key factors that determine the position of an ad in search engine marketing.
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Social Media Marketing

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You will learn how to run ads on social media platforms in the social media marketing course. This course will cover topics like how many ads can you run on Facebook. How to use Facebook for leads generation How to target the right audience These are just a few of the many topics.
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Email Marketing

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When you need to send large quantities of emails in a matter of seconds, email marketing can be a great option.  In this course, you will learn how to do E-Mail marketing for brands & how to send bulk images using email marketing software. Learn how to create and design attractive email marketing newsletters. The best digital marketing courses in Delhi
digital marketing institute in Delhi

Mobile Marketing

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Mobile marketing is a type of digital marketing strategy that teaches you how to reach a targeted audience via smartphones and tablets. Mobile marketing focus on an audience of mobile You’ll learn how to design content with the mobile platform in view. This will allow you to create strategies using SMS/MMS or mobile apps.
digital marketing institute in Delhi

Content Marketing

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A method of reaching customers and promoting goods and services is content marketing. Writing content can make you a lot of cash. These include freelance work, PayPerPost, blogging, and social media influencers. This course will teach you how to create content that is useful for any type of industry or business.  
digital marketing institute in Delhi

Ecommerce SEO

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Keyword research is important for eCommerce SEO campaigns like other SEO campaign. It is not possible to optimize your product/service without keywords. Ecommerce SEO training will show you how to influence technical SEO and how strategically to take keywords into consideration in your site architecture.  
digital marketing institute in Delhi

Ecommerce Marketing

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Ecommerce marketing can be used to increase your sales through email marketing, content marketing, and social media. So you can create strategies, will be able to distinguish between eCommerce and normal SEO.
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Lead generation

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Simply put, lead generation is the act or process of getting people to purchase a product or service from a company. A marketing management system is used to attract potential customers. Throughout the whole buying process, leads are nurtured. The main motive of lead generation is building trust with the audience. 
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Video Marketing

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Video marketing is the art of manipulating and rearranging video footage after production. Video marketing aims to present and organize the most important information and eliminate the rest. Editing software has simplified the process, creating intuitive and fast video effects and transitions that are easy to understand. 
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Video optimization

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Video optimization refers to the process of getting a website’s video indexed and ranked first on search engines. Video optimization has been a major part of digital marketing strategies for businesses. YouTube is the ideal platform for video optimization, as it is second to Google in search engine searches.  DMID – Digital Marketing Institute of Delhi.
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Video Marketing Strategy

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Every company needs digital marketing specialists who are able to use all digital channels, including email, social media, and SEO to grow their business and connect with potential customers. Digital marketing training is a viable career option for anyone in any industry. There are 16 modules. You can get the best digital marketing training available in South Delhi. DMID – Digital Marketing Institute of Delhi.
digital marketing institute in Delhi

Online Reputation management

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ORM refers to the ability to influence the perception of the business or organization by taking control of it. Public opinion can be described as the perception of a company and its products by others. ORM can affect a business’s online conversion rate. DMID – Digital Marketing Institute of Delhi.
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Pro Blogging

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Writing blog posts about relevant topics is one of the best ways to make money online. Pro is an abbreviation of the term professional. Pro-blogging refers to the act of creating blogs on websites. A pro blogger is someone who is employed and makes a living from blogging.
digital marketing institute in Delhi

Personal branding

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Personal branding refers to the marketing of people and their careers, just like how brands are promoted. The process of forming and preserving favorable perceptions of individuals or organizations is ongoing. Personal branding is building trust with mutual connections. The audience does business with what they like, not with buildings or companies.
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Sell using digital marketing

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You can sell anything online through digital marketing it is 100% possible. Users can get all of the information about your products and services online thanks to the digital environment. Salespeople are no longer required as a result. Learn from Delhi’s top digital marketing courses.
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You can work from your home or office, and have the freedom and comfort that comes with freelance work. You can choose the projects you want to work on, as well as the clients and the amount of compensation. You have an option for flexible working hours. You can choose to be your boss by becoming a freelancer, but the income you earn will vary depending on how much and what type of work you do.
digital marketing institute in Delhi

Digital Marketing For Business

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Digital marketing strategies can help businesses generate more leads through different digital channels, such as email marketing and search engines. Digital marketing strategies include SEO, blogging, and email marketing. DMID – Digital Marketing Institute Delhi.
digital marketing institute in Delhi

Earnings from Social Media

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Social media has enormous potential to make money, far more than one can imagine. Promoting affiliate products, sharing products and services, becoming a micro-influencer, or joining social media partner programs are the most popular ways to make money on social media. You can also promote and sell your products and brands on social media.
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Domain Monitoring

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Domain names are part of and property of any company. They define its public appearance. The marketing of the domain name is what makes a business known to its audience. The company must safeguard and keep an eye on its trademarks and brands to prevent unauthorized use.
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Google AdSense

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Google AdSense allows you to place ads from brands on your website. It is one of the most efficient and simple ways to make money. All ads are reviewed for their quality and relevance to content and audience. If you don’t want to view adverts, you must block them.  AdSense gives you the opportunity to tap into the largest online network of advertisers bidding for ad space.
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Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate marketing is the practice sell the product services of another person. we earn a commission when someone purchases a product through our ads. Affiliate marketing is based on revenue sharing. Any brand can be promoted by affiliate marketers. Learn the best digital marketing courses in Delhi.
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Start-up Plan & Strategy

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Entrepreneurs should have a plan and strategy in place before they start a business to prepare for the future. A business’ strategic plan is essential for maximizing its potential profits. It allows entrepreneurs to prioritize their actions and focus their resources. This plan allows the company to adapt to changing requirements and expectations. 
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Automate your Digital Marketing

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It is possible to automate the digital marketing strategy of a company and increase sales without having to do as much work. Automating your digital marketing strategy can help you attract more leads, convert more customers, and make more sales. Take advantage of Delhi’s top digital marketing training. 

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What is Digital Marketing Course?

Digital Marketing, or Internet Marketing, is simply the process of selling products online and bridging any gaps between the seller of the product and the buyer. Internet Marketing courses were created in response to the growing demand for digital marketing skills in the 20th century. All facets of digital marketing are covered in our Delhi digital marketing training programme. Participants will be expected to gain working knowledge in the Digital Marketing domain as well as an understanding of the structure and operations of online marketing businesses.

What are We?

DMID is South Delhi’s leading digital marketing institution. We have been offering unparalleled online marketing courses and job assistance since 2022. Digital Marketing Institute Delhi (DMID), has helped students to get a successful career in digital marketingThe Online Marketing Institute offers career-oriented technical classes and practical classes, using the latest and most advanced technology gadgets. It also has live projects. We are the best choice for students looking for Digital Marketing courses in Delhi. Our goal is to increase the efficiency of candidates, and to help them develop inner and outer personalities.. We offer backup classes to students who cannot attend class. We also make arrangements for alternate classes. We don’t stop there. A team of dedicated members gives their best to prepare students for the interview session, which is the first step in their journey. Our institute is focused on each candidate’s overall development.

Why should you take admitted to a Digital Marketing course in Delhi?

You can confidently enter the market after mastering online marketing skills. The courses cover nearly every aspect of the online advertising industry, from micro to macro. It is being recognized in all spheres of the online advertising industry (SEO, PPC, and Email Marketing as well as Web Analytics). You will learn how to rank your website on search engines for a particular keyword by taking an SEO training course in Delhi or Search Engine Optimization. Pay-per-click, also known as cost-per-click (CPC), is an internet marketing strategy that directs traffic toward websites. In this model, an advertiser pays a publisher (typically a site owner or network of websites) for each click on the ad. Pay Per Click is a method that works with a search engine like Google.

Why choose DMID to be the best digital marketing course in Delhi?

DMID is one of the best institutes that offer digital marketing master training. DMID offers the best digital marketing training in Delhi. Gives placement after completion of the program. DMID is a relatively new company that has already trained thousands of professionals and freshers in the field. DMID’s modules are designed with Digital Marketing in mind. DMID-authorized trainers have years of experience in digital marketing and are familiar with all aspects of this subject.  DMID Digital Marketing offers an orientation program on digital marketing.

Do You Want to get Digital Marketing Course In Delhi?

Students enrolled in another course can use our class schedule. They can also join weekend classes and get a certificate. The online marketing course in Delhi helps candidates stay productive while also allowing them to continue their jobs. Our institute offers courses to help Housewives work remotely in order to raise awareness about gender equality. These online marketing courses are great for corporate workers. This will help you to know the market better and make it easier to manage it. Many youngsters look for work but are often rejected because they lack the necessary marketing skills. This is why we offer the best online marketing courses in India.

Frequently Asked Questions From US? 

Which Digital Marketing Institute is best in Delhi?

A digital marketing institute can help you find new opportunities and develop your skills. These parameters are taken into account, and the Digital Marketing Institute Delhi (DMID) is the best online marketing institute in Delhi for entrepreneurs and job seekers. For business owners and job seekers in Delhi, the Digital Marketing Institute Delhi (DMID) is the premier digital marketing institution.

How long does digital marketing take in DMID?

The master digital marketing course, which covers 50+ modules, lasts three months. Students can choose a time and place online or offline according to their comfort. Regular batches are held Monday through Thursday. Alternate batches take place for three days. Weekend classes on Saturday to Sunday. For working professionals, Sunday batches are also offered.

Which Academy is the Best to Take a Digital Marketing Course In Delhi?

DMID is India’s top digital marketing academy. and they train them on real-world projects. Digital marketing at DMID can be done as a 100% practical course. Students are able to earn while they learn. Students are guaranteed employment support.

Why should you enroll in DMID Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi?

We offer a digital marketing training course in Delhi and more than 50+ modules. Industry experts offer live training and students work on real projects while studying. The university offers students lifelong support and the opportunity to find high-paying jobs as soon as they graduate. Students can schedule classes in a convenient batched format to make it easier for them to plan their priorities. Students who are unable to or unwilling to attend regular classes can also take advantage of backup classes.

How can I register for the DMID Digital Marketing course in Delhi?

It is simple and easy to enroll in the DMID Digital Marketing course. You can submit your detail on with phone no and email address to request for a free demo. Candidates will receive mock interviews and job assistance during the free demo session. Call DMID at 9205748792 to inquire about the various courses in digital marketing offered by DMID. Students can choose from four classes (regular batches or alternate batches, weekend batches or Sunday batches), depending on their schedule.

Which is the best digital marketing course in Delhi?

Digital marketing covers many modules, like SEO, SEM, SMO, and SMM. Google analytics is also available. Black hat techniques are another example. Digital marketing is a vast ocean. It contains many components, such as website design and social media marketing an excellent institute such as DMID in Delhi can be a one-stop location to learn all the digital marketing courses in Delhi that are taught by successful and eminent digital marketers.

Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi             

Digital Marketing Institute Delhi (DMID), is a top-rated institute that offers master training in internet marketing. It has more than 30 digital marketing modules that it trains students in South Delhi. The institute employs the best and most trusted trainers. This institute offers digital marketing training at an affordable price for professionals.

What is the best salary for digital marketing professionals?

For entrepreneurs and small business owners who are interested in a career in digital marketing, these courses can be beneficial. Professionals can earn a salary of Rs. The entry-level salary ranges from Rs.3.5 lakhs to Rs.4  lakhs annually. With experience, their salary package will increase many times.

Who Should Attend This Digital Marketing Course by DMID?

Everyone. Anyone can take this course in DMID if they are interested in the digital world and want to build their career in digital marketing. You don’t need any qualifications or prerequisites, just an interest in marketing and a desire to market and make money. For marketing, research, and media specialists, digital marketing is essential. No matter business owners can learn how to digital platforms to market online. Students and graduates looking for work should take this course. Housewives with a lot of spare time can consider digital marketing.

Who will our Digital Marketing Trainer at DMID be?

DMID is the best place for you to learn about SEO. This course is developed by industry experts and is one of the top digital marketing courses in Delhi. They will help the candidate get hands-on training and expose them to real projects. The course is 100% practical and taught by a digital marketing expert. It is broken down into 50+ modules and includes 15 certifications from YouTube, Google, etc.

DMID – Digital Marketing Institute Delhi

The Digital Marketing Institute Delhi (DMID), is one of India’s top digital marketing training institutions. They make learning digital marketing as simple as possible and mold the students to fit the many demanding career paths in digital marketing. They offer digital marketing training in SEO, PPC, email marketing, and web analytics. The institute has a top-notch faculty and eminent technical materials. After completing the course, DMID offers job assistance and interview preparation also. Our goal is to provide the best digital education possible for all students, whether they are college graduates, executives, or housewives. The school offers digital marketing courses in over twenty specialties, which opens up the door to a world of possibilities for students who want to make a great career in online marketing. Do you lack the skills to succeed? You can now become a digital market specialist without having to quit your job. The Digital Marketing Institute of Delhi Marketing can help you to grow in the future. The Delhi Institute of Digital Marketing offers a platform where you can learn about all aspects of digital marketing from an executive to a manager level. A digital marketing course in Delhi is in high demand and best suited to working professionals, job seekers as well as freelancers, students, entrepreneurs, and students.

Certificates in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is popular nowadays. Digital marketing refers to the promotion and advertising of a person, business, product, or service via online channels, electronic devices, and digital technology. Become a professional. You can get certifications in Google Analytics & Google Adwords. These certifications will help you land a top job at a top company. DMID Professional Digital Marketing Course will give you 25 certifications from the best companies. These digital marketing certifications will help you land a job at the top MNCs. India’s Digital Media Industry is growing quickly. As such, you could get a high-paying job as a digital market manager in a top company. You can also work as a freelancer and own your own advertising agency, whether you are a student or a housewife. For business owners looking to expand their business, digital marketing is crucial.

Digital Marketing Introduction

This module will give you an overview of digital marketing:

    • What is digital marketing?
    • Marketing: What does it mean?
    • Traditional marketing: What does it mean?
    • Digital marketing also has great potential.
    • Digital marketing is crucial
    • Social media like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn

We give you a more detailed course than other digital marketing institutes in Delhi. We cover important points such as:

  • Internet marketing is the first.
  • Promotional platforms
  • Google algorithm.
  • Google algorithm basics.
  • There are many other options.

This is due to the thorough study of Digital Marketing. DMID is the best Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi. Register for Digital Marketing Course.

Web Design Planning

This module is an important part of digital marketing courses and covers many important aspects. we’ll show you how to create your own website.

  • E-commerce website.
  • Website for educational purposes.
  • Blog.
  • Fitness.
  • Website for businesses and corporates
  • Other.

Information about static and dynamic websites will be provided. This module is extremely detailed. DMID is the best digital marketing institute in Lajpat Nagar Delhi. If you contrast it with other online marketing institutes, this is particularly true. DMID demonstrates a high level of dedication and effort when teaching. Digital Marketing Course at DMID Delhi is recommended. Free demo class. For more information, please visit or call us.

Website creation

Website creation is essential because it shows you how to make a WordPress website. Without a website, your business will not grow. This module forms an integral part of the digital marketing course at Delhi. No matter what stage of the course, every student must know how to build a website.

  • Static or dynamic
  • Dynamic website.

DMID – Digital Marketing Institute Delhi takes great pride in being Delhi’s top digital marketing school. Book demo class Join the Internet marketing training course at South Delhi.

Content Writing

You can’t generate traffic to your website without creating compelling content. The content writing module in the internet marketing training course aims to teach you how to create effective content. This helps in search engine optimization (SEO), and thus ranking your website. The following list contains key module topics.

  • Brainstorming
  • What to do when writing content, and what not to do
  • Rechecking and editing
  • Proofreading
  • Article writing for blogs and other publications
  • Content writing tips

DMID is the best digital marketing institute in Delhi. Join the digital marketing course in Delhi at DMID. We are the best online marketing school in Delhi for you. Free demo class.


Keyword Research

Keyword research refers to the identification of words and phrases people use in search engines, with the ultimate goal that they can be used to optimize content. Search engine optimization (SEO) includes keywords. This module is crucial for internet marketing courses. These topics include

  • What is keyword research, first?
  • Keyword research tools
  • short tail and long tail Keywords
  • find the most popular keywords
  • Keywords difficulty
  • Analyze of competition
  • Searches
  • Advanced Keywords Research Tips

Search Engine Optimization


Any effort to raise a website’s position on search engine result pages is known as search engine optimization (SERP). Most businesses want to improve their website visibility and traffic. Businesses also strive to rank higher in search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo for specific search terms or phrases.
No matter what the exact definition of SEO is, if you have a website that people want to see, optimize it. Seo is a strategic-based job. It uses more than 200 ranking factors. There are two types of SEO: one that is specific to a page and the other that is not. DMID (Digital Marketing Institute Delhi), aims to offer extensive training in SEO and digital marketing. DMID is the top digital marketing institute in Delhi when compared with other institutes. DMID offers a South Delhi digital marketing course. Free digital marketing demo class.

E-Commerce SEO

E-commerce SEO is also covered by  Digital Marketing Institute Delhi (DMID). The course in digital marketing has been designed with care and effectiveness. This module covers these important subjects.

  • First, what exactly is E-commerce?
  • Similarly, what is eCommerce SEO?
  • Ranking techniques for potential keywords
  • The best search keywords to use
  • Indexing and crawling
  • Understanding backlinks
  • There are many more

These topics will be covered in detail. This module on Internet Marketing Course is essential for website ranking. Websites that use SEO rank higher in search engine results like Google. The top digital marketing school in Delhi is DMID-Digital Marketing Institute. We are proud of our faculty. We are dedicated and work hard. DMID offers an online course in South Delhi marketing. A free demo class is available. call us anytime.

Local SEO

Google My Business is also included in local SEO. This module on the internet market covers many topics such as:

    • What is local SEO?
    • Google Business Page how to create?
    • Google my business optimization.
    • How to get more reviews
    • How to increase GMB 
    • There are many more.

For companies with a physical address, Google My Business is a crucial resource. This lesson in the digital marketing course serves as an illustration of its importance. DMID is the top school for digital marketing in Delhi (Digital Marketing Institute Delhi). DMID offers a free demo class in digital marketing in South Delhi.

Google Seaarch Console

Google Search Console Tool (GWT), is the main mechanism for Google communication with webmasters. It tells you issues of your website. This module of the Advanced Digital Management Course Delhi covers a broad range of topics.

  • What is Google Webmaster?
  • How to read Search Appearance in Google Search Console?
  • Data Highlighter: Information?
  • What is Rich snippets and Schema?
  • Understanding HTML Improvements?
  • What is AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) in GWM?
  • How to apply AMP in HTML pages
  • What is structured data?
  • How to make Sitelinks
  • What does Search Analytics mean?
  • GWM: How to Understand Queries
  • Crawl Stats or Crawl Error
  • How do you remove pages from Google Search results page?
  • Google Webmaster index pages
  • How to check Robots.txt
  • How can you remove negative backlinks from your site?
  • Crawl – Fetch Google and robots.txt
  • DMID is the Best Digital Marketing Institute Delhi. There are digital marketing courses in south Delhi. You can also take a free demo class in digital marketing.

Google Analytics

Website traffic is monitored and reported using Google Analytics. This tool may also be used as a Google platform. The advanced digital marketing course includes this topic. We cover topics such as:

  • Google Analytics is the first thing you should know.
  • Using Google Analytics, you can determine user behavior.
  • How to link Google Analytics to your website
  • How to determine the source of website traffic.

This module of internet marketing covers:

  • Analyzing visitors in real-time using various methods
  • How to monitor traffic sources (organic, social, and paid)
  • What is Google AdSense?
  • Inpage analytics: Meaning
  • What is a Demographics report and an Interest Report?
  • Multi-channel funnels: Meaning and usage
  • What is Geo Report of Language and Location?

A free demo class in digital marketing is also available at DMID (digital marketing institute in Delhi)

Social Media Optimization

Social media optimization is the process of enhancing a brand’s visibility on social media channels. SMO can increase your brand visibility on social media sites such as :

  • Facebook,
  • Google plus,
  • Twitter,
  • Pinterest,
  • LinkedIn, etc.

This module will discuss topics like:

  • What is social media?
  • Different types of social media platforms
  • Why social media optimization matters
  • How to optimize social media
  • What tools to optimize?
  • Improvement Tips for content

Because effectiveness is key, we make sure that every lesson is given in the best possible way. DMID Digital Marketing Institute helps students get placed in top companies. DMID Digital Marketing Institute is the best in Delhi. DMID provide the best in digital marketing courses in Delhi. A free demo class in digital marketing is also available for south Delhi.

Facebook Marketing

Social media marketing also cover Facebook marketing. how you promote your brand on Facebook. This includes:

  • Understanding what Facebook ads is the first step.
  • Facebook ads are also important.
  • Facebook business
  • How to analyze advertisement insights
  • What is ads settings?
  • promotional tools

DMID assists you in producing useful content. Join DMID for digital marketing course. A free demo class in digital marketing is also available.
. Join the DMID Delhi internet marketing course.

Linkedin Marketing

LinkedIn marketing is a way to connect people and do activities for your business.
This module on digital marketing covers these topics:

  • LinkedIn Marketing?
  • When & why should you use it?
  • How do you use it?
  • A selection of ads
  • How to get B2B leads for your business
  • Designing and creating ads
  • DMID helps you create content that is effective. Join DMID for a digital marketing course. A free demo class in digital marketing is also available.
    Register for the DMID (Digital Marketing Institute Delhi) internet marketing course. Free demo class.

Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is a mobile and desktop-compatible digital planning tool. It allows people to share, organize, and discover creative ideas from all over the World Wide Web. It is very easy to use. You can find many reasons to be on Pinterest and to run ads there. Pinterest Marketing is an important component of social media marketing. This includes:

  • What is Pinterest marketing?
  • Pinterest Marketing: when and why using?
  • Pinterest: How to make sales

Everything you need to know, from fundamental tactics to sophisticated ones, will be taught to you. One of Delhi’s most well-known digital marketing educational institutes is the Digital Marketing Institute. DMID is the best digital marketing course available in Lajpat Nagar.

Instagram Marketing

The most popular social media platform is Instagram. This highlights the importance and value of Instagram marketing. This is why DMID offers this digital marketing module.
Instagram Marketing includes:

  • What is Instagram Marketing?
  • Instagram Marketing: Influence
  • How do you create Instagram ads?
  • You can drive great traffic to your business with Instagram ads
  • How to get leads for your business.
  • DMID is therefore the best internet marketing institution. Join our online marketing training course in Lajpat Nagar, South Delhi.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter is a platform for microblogging. Therefore, it is important to fully understand digital marketing and Twitter marketing. This module covers:

  • What is Twitter Marketing?
  • How can you design and create ads?
  • Twitter advertising: When should it be used?
  • How do you engage followers?

DMID (Digital Marketing Institute Delhi) DMID is the best online marketing institute in South Ex.

Search Marketing

Search marketing refers to optimizing ads for higher positions in search results. This optimizes the ads for higher visibility and better search results. This is known as search engine marketing. This covers topics like:

    • Google Adwords
    • Bing Ads
    • What types of campaigns are there?
    • Extensions for ads
    • Keyword Match Types
    • Broad Match Types
    • Phrase Match Types
    • What is Pay Per Klick?
    • How do you create search ads?
    • How can you select the best keywords for search Ads?
    • Negative keywords identified
    • What is a bid simulator?

DMID is therefore the Best Digital Marketing Institute in GTB Nagar. Register Now for an Internet Marketing Course in Delhi A free demo class is also available.

Video Marketing

The use of video to market a good, service, or brand is known as video marketing. Videos are posted on different platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. DMID Advanced digital marketing course that includes video marketing module. This module includes:

  • What is video marketing?
  • How to promote videos
  • What are in-stream advertisements?
  • How to make sequence ads
  • What is a bumper ad?
  • Video Optimization
  • How to get more video views

Join a digital marketing course in Delhi. Register now for DMID.

App Marketing

Any digital marketing training should include app marketing. This module is very comprehensive. DMID covers all aspects of app marketing. Eg: how to create ios apps and android apps, target lower costs, increase installs in the google play store, etc. Mobile marketing is also covered by us. Digital Marketing Institute Delhi, Delhi’s best digital marketing school, is this. Join our digital marketing course in South Delhi.
Shopping Advertisement
Shopping marketing is about the customer from the beginning to the end. The process of understanding the behavior of shoppers and using it to create a marketing mix that influences them in such a manner as to positively affect consumption of the brand or category. The Advanced Digital Marketing course at the Digital Marketing Institute of Delhi includes this subject.

  • Understanding shopping ads
  • Place ads
  • Product sales growth
  • How to use the google merchant center

DMID (Digital Marketing Institute Delhi) Take our online marketing course in Delhi to build a carrier in Digital Marketing.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the promotion or creation of awareness via email. Your product, brand, or service can be promoted. This module on digital marketing covers many topics in detail. These topics include:

  • What is Email Marketing?
  • What other kinds of email marketing are there?
  • Weber: How do you use it?
  • Mailchimp can be used for email marketing
  • How do you collect data for email marketing?
  • How can I extract customer data?
  • How do you send bulk emails with your mail server?
  • What distinguishes open rates from bounce rates?
  • How to collect customer information
  • How to get leads via email
  • What is the difference between open rates and bounce rates?

DMID is the best digital marketing institute in Delhi. Take an internet marketing course in Delhi.


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